What Do Democrats Seek?

You know, I’ve been asking myself this question recently, “What do Democrats really desire? In fact, what actually defines a true Democrat? Do Democrats actually stand for and desire democracy?” I came across a post recently that I thought was intriguing, and I’m still pondering the position.

I saw this comment on a thread that was confronting the topic of the election and Trump VS Biden. Overall there was some decent communication back and forth, but this one section really stood out to me. For privacy’s sake, this person will remain anonymous, but here was the comment, “I consider myself a leftist, and I can assure you that most of us on this side of the aisle don’t want politicians to “control every aspect” of our lives. That’s absurd. We want universal healthcare, more restrictions on firearms, fewer restrictions on women’s reproductive rights, equal rights regardless of race, sex, orientation, or gender identity, a cleaner environment, decriminalization of drugs, and a thoroughly reformed criminal justice system. So in many cases, we want less government control over things. However, it’s a reality that certain things work better with more regulation.”

For the life of me, I can’t unpack this mentality as “less government control”. Also, let me just comment and once again pose the questions – Is this true democracy? Is this reflective of all democratic values? – When I break this down from my purview, I have to just take this one piece at a time.

“We want universal healthcare” – Ok, I get it, but wouldn’t this mean that it’s fully reliant on the Government? Having a universal healthcare system would mean that we all rely on the government to create, sustain, and distribute our healthcare. Wouldn’t that qualify as giving them MORE control?

“We want more restrictions on firearms” – Let me place the emphasis on what stands on to me here… I’d be shocked if anyone couldn’t see it. “MORE RESTRICTIONS”. Again, how is that in any way indicative of less government control!? It’s completely the opposite! They want to use the government to restrict our rights, not enable our freedoms and empower our rights.

“Less restrictions on women’s reproductive rights” – If this is not the most important topic of them all, then I don’t know what could possibly be. Let me be clear. This may give the appearance of less restrictions if you’re viewing it from the women’s perspective. HOWEVER, this COMPLETELY IRRADICATES the child’s rights to LIFE! Giving more “rights” to the woman, if that’s what we want to call them, tips the scales completely out of balance and completely removes the rights of the child. Here me, I would never intend to overlook the grave injustices that happen to women every day like rape, or abuse. Even in those cases, I do still believe the child has a right to life, although it was not a free decision made by the mother, but in most cases abortions are happening at will because of women who CHOOSE to be sexually active with absolutely ZERO intent or regard for the consequence of procreation. If women want more rights for their bodies and reproduction, it starts BEFORE conception. It starts in their morals and in their self-control to abstain from sexual behavior if they don’t want to live with the consequence of their promiscuity. DO NOT take away a child’s right to life to hand it off to the mother with ZERO regard. This is a SICK and TWISTED mentality, and a complete perversion of God’s design for life and procreation. It’s MURDER, and it’s WRONG. End of story.

I’m not going to get into every single point, but I’ll end with this “a thoroughly reformed criminal justice system” – Again, I feel like I’m riding a carousel or in an endless revolving door here. They want to reform our criminal justice systems by restricting our legal authorities from being able to act on the authority WE’VE given them to protect US. This to me sounds like more government, more restrictions, more hindrances. And do you know what’s going to happen? Our GOVERNMENT is going to have to respond to the deficits we create by limiting our criminal justice leaders. This all points back to MORE government, not less.

I’m willing to be corrected and wish to understand, but at this very moment… I don’t get it. I don’t get how we can be so naive to be fooled by what it looks like on the surface, when deep down, these mentalities actually create the exact opposite results of what they express. What do Democrats truly seek?