Go Figure – Democrat Leaders Would Make Themselves The Heroes

I have to say, in all my years, I’ve never been much of a conspiracy theorist. I know I’m not alone in this, but I cannot believe the way the democrats have targeted our economy, hindered our re-opening, and drawn out the effects of Covid-19. It’s complete madness, and simply mind-boggling… And to make matters worse, now they want to be seen as the “heroes” who will work to re-open America! No way! Not a chance they’re going to take the credit for this. And as far as crossing their hearts for the national anthem, or to make any oath or promise, we’re not buying it.

The Dems have worked their tails off to keep businesses, schools, and public areas closed, just to draw out the negative effects of Covid-19 in hopes to tear down the current administration. They’ve been completely unwilling to make any agreements in negotiations, and all they care about is their AGENDAS. They don’t care about the American people. Let me say it this way, the only people they care about are the people that agree with their agendas. If you don’t fit within their radical way of thinking, you can bet they expect you to just lie down and play dead.

Again, I’m not much for conspiracy, but here’s what I think… I think this radical party has been stringing us all out in hopes to sway the election. And here’s my prediction. If Trump gets re-elected, I think we’re going to see them become even more radical and intent on finding any way they can to tear him down. You think the impeachment scam was a nightmare? Just wait ’til you experience the headache to come if these radicals don’t get their way in the polls. I think they’re going to throw a tantrum and a complete hissy fit, and it will probably all start with claims of voter fraud followed by more Covid non-sense. Sure, it will eventually die out, but I think we need to buckle ourselves in for at least a couple of months where these people will rage against the machine. Being honest, I think Trump is going to win the election, and I think things are going to get worse before they get better. If he wins, I fully anticipate these people will make his first few months in office as difficult as they possibly can before they grow weary and find their way home with their tails between their legs. On the other hand, if Biden somehow slithers his way into office, you can bet your bottom dollar that the democratic party is going to make themselves out to be the heroes, and this whole Covid “thing” is going to shift drastically within a matter of weeks. They would love nothing else than to abuse the power they have in this pre-election stage to draw out the regulations, hinder the economy, and stall us in our tracks so that they can all of a sudden become the savior after the elections. You know it’s so funny to me how hypocrisy can run so deep in this nation. These radicals have continued pointing the finger across the isle without recognizing they’ve got 3 fingers pointing back at themselves. They’ve whined and cried, and tried to frame our president. Yes, let’s say it like it is, they are FRAMING Donald Trump in order to win the election. They’ve completely abused the power they’ve been given. They’re completely fine letting the American people suffer until they get their way.

I don’t know why anyone would possibly be fooled by this, but here’s the ugly truth. It’s WRONG for anyone or any party to take advantage of something like a pandemic that has been so catastrophically damaging to so many people in so many personal ways, and use the hurting to push their agendas forward! I don’t care who would have been in office, health, jobs, finances, and morale would have been impacted in ANY case. Don’t take that out of context and try to blame it on anything or anyone other than THE VIRUS.