How Far Have We Fallen When This Man Is Allowed to Run For Office?

William Bruce Jenner – Born, October 28, 1949, is an American socialite, television presenter, transgender rights activist, and retired Olympic gold medal-winning decathlete.








Jenner played college football for the Graceland Yellowjackets before incurring a knee injury that required surgery. He has since undergone a sexual transformation, and now identifies himself as “Caitlyn Marie” Jenner.

There are videos that share about his story. In this video, specifically note each time the narrator refers to him as “she” while showing a picture of Bruce as a male. It’s simply tragic that our society accepts this. Both Jenner’s behavior, but also the narrator’s tolerance and acceptance. She makes these remarks as if they’re simply status quo. Simply unbelievable.

First let me say, I do not hate transgenders. I do not hate Bruce Jenner. I do not wish him any type of ill. I don’t mean him any disrespect. If he feels disrespected by me acknowledging his biological nature, he can choose his own response. I cannot control another man’s reactions.

I have often wondered, do transgenders mean any disrespect to someone like myself? I’ve wondered if they even realize, and more importantly if they even care, that I personally feel disrespected when asked to ignore the biological physiology granted by our Creator, and to refer to a man as woman (or a woman as a man). It’s disrespectful to my scientific beliefs. If I’m completely honest, I have felt that the liberal societies associated with these types of equal rights, or personal rights movements, have no respect for men like myself. They wish to be respected, but they show no respect. They ask us to ignore truth and ultimate reality, and to enter into a false reality with them because they wish to identify differently than they are. In the end, we’re all left wondering, “Who’s more right?” And if we can’t both be right, then someone’s rights have to be empowered, and conversely, the other’s squashed, retained, and even silenced.

I personally believe that if you are born a man, you are a man. If you are born a woman, you are a woman. As another example, Bruce has formed a relationship with another transgender named Scott Hutchins who now identifies as “Sophia.”

Can you believe these are 2 men? How is this right by any stretch of the imagination? And yet, our current society seems to not only accept, but even celebrates these men for “bravery” and “boldness.” Since when was it brave to play dress up to the point where it becomes a person’s new reality?

To me, “Sophia” is a Scott. He was a Scott, therefore he is a Scott. “Caitlyn” is just a Bruce playing a sick game of pretend, and it’s incredibly disturbing that a drag queen (and I mean that by definition: a man who dresses up in women’s clothes, typically for the purposes of entertainment) is being allowed to run for a high profile, governmental office. It’s bad enough that we praise and accept these mental illnesses within our celebrity and popularity circles. Now we’re enabling them on a national level to govern our society? Wow. What else can be said?

Bruce has had multiple marriages. Most recently would be his former wife Kris Jenner.

I’m stumped by how any man relates to himself as a woman, but still gets away with having normal, sexual behavioral drive towards women. To the point of getting married as a man, having sex, having kids, but then wanting to be acknowledged as a woman in every other right. Folks, this is the sick reality of these men that we are allowing to identify as women, and then enabling them to use women’s bathrooms, etc. It’s completely unsafe! Bruce himself admits, amidst his disorientation, to still having a sexual draw to women.

It’s completely confusing to see—a man, who acts and dresses like a woman, being affectionate with his wife (now ex-wife).

It literally shorts my circuits, but the one thing Bruce seems to have gotten right, amongst his confusion… Men should marry women, and women should marry men. This to me is the only proper instance. It’s dictated by God. It’s dictated by the science of pro-creation. It does not waiver, and I don’t base this on my religious beliefs. I do believe in God, and that we are created by Him as our maker. However, regardless of my own (or anyone else’s) religious beliefs, the fact still remains that humans are created and born into one of 2 genders, male or female. There is the incredibly rare instance of a hermaphrodite at birth, but this differs immensely in comparison to a man who, in his teen or adult years, chooses to change his sexual orientation through hormones, drugs, surgeries, etc.

As it relates to my reflections of our history, men acting out in this way would have been seen as victims of mental traumas or delusions, psychologically compromised, and unfit as it would relate to an every day, acceptable occurrence. Why is this accepted as normal behavior? Why would we, even for a second, consider allowing someone leading this type of lifestyle to become a leading role model in our society? And yet, we’re praising the fact that he would be so willing as to run for office in response to the recall of Governor Gavin Newsom. We should be guarding our young boys (and girls) from the twisted nature of this transgender lifestyle. Instead, we’re promoting it, and even entertaining the idea of empowering it to take a role of leadership in our society.      

Frankly, do you know what’s most disturbing about this whole thing? Our values have drifted so far, trapped in the currents of these “liberal rights” movements, that this man appears to fit in like it’s any other normal day in the life of humanity. It’s like our country doesn’t even blink an eye. There’s been no attempt to refocus on whatever moral compass we lost sight of in the wake of our ever becoming, liberal, American history.

What has this country become when the vast majority of our population accepts transgender (and so many other types of moral and psychological disorders) as normal, acceptable, and now exemplary behavior?

I, for one, value Bruce as an individual. I also wouldn’t doubt that we most likely share in some of our Republican type values. I just could never cast a vote to empower such a state of mind. What I mean is, a man, attempting to live as a women. To me, this is only the first sign that he’s compromised in his mental state of well being. I simply can’t endorse this.

I hope my fellow citizens (especially Californians) will consider the dangers that lie beneath the surface. Think about our children. Think about the examples we want to set before them. Think about the compromises Bruce had to make within himself in order to deny his true identity as a man, and how could that potentially translate to decisions that need to be made at this type of a governmental leadership level.

This is not meant as an attack on Bruce. I mean to highlight the mental dysfunctionality of individuals who undergo this type of change, and lead this type of lifestyle. This is a biological, psychological, and moral attack on the rest of society. Worse even when we entertain empowering the behavior at this level. It is yet another sign of the RAVENS who are plucking out the eyes of our nation so that we are blinded to see the Truth.