Sideline Saints – Maybe YOU should run for President

I always get a kick out of watching sports with people who are passionate about the games. They yell at their screens, at the players, coaches, and refs as if they think they possess exponentially more knowledge and capability to run the plays or make the calls better than those who are actually on the teams making the millions.

I just find it hilarious that we can sit at home watching reports of the President, or any leadership for that matter, and sit there eating our potato chips and popcorn yelling at our TVs as if we think we could do any better. Take Covid as an example. How can we blame anyone, Trump or whoever it could have been, for responding or not responding the right way to Covid?! As if there was some sort of manual or step by step instructions being overlooked. You know what? Anyone can place blame in hindsight! Why don’t we swear you in and let you respond in real-time to the next pandemic? Oh, and by the way, we’ll all give you a score at the end. Here’s the Reality – ANY human being would have been challenged to lead 330 Million people through that storm…

It’s time for us as Americans to stop sitting at home on our couches yelling at the screens of our devices as if we could do any better if we were elected. I was never Obama’s biggest fan, but I still found ways that I could respect him. I voted with my power where I disagreed, but I contributed to being a POSITIVE American even when things weren’t going my way. At a minimum, couldn’t we do something helpful to make a positive impact and make things easier for our leader(s), rather than complaining and making it worse on everyone else? Heaven knows most people aren’t planning to run for office any time soon. They’d much rather express their opinions to their social clubs who all think in the same direction without the heat of ruffling any feathers. Most people wouldn’t even dare take on the responsibility of leading a nation. Especially given the slight chance that someone may not like the way they lead, let alone put their life on the line every time they appear in public and brave the possibility of assassination.

Let me be clear, this is NOT a Trump conversation. I mean it is… right now at this present moment, but it wasn’t 4 years ago when Obama was in office. Then, it was an Obama conversation, and before that, it was a Bush conversation. EVERY SINGLE PERSON who has held the office of “President of the United States” has been brave enough to step into the spotlight, expose themselves to the possibility of nay-sayers and potential and political enemies, and has taken on the risk and weight of being not only disliked but ridiculed to kingdom come. It takes one brave soul to be willing to lead 330 million people! That’s a lot of potential hate. One wrong move and they call for crucifixion. What has our society come to? Is this truly the way our highly respected U.S. of A. shows respect for one another? This administration, more than any other has truly brought out the worst in people. And do you know why the worst is coming out? Because we are actually experiencing one of the BEST leaders in our nation’s history. #CAPTAINAMERICA #MR.ACCOUNTABILITY – A man who actually holds other nations accountable for the way they’ve treated and taken advantage of the U.S. That’s right, the way they have treated US.

It’s unfortunate that when one team wins, another team has to lose. You know, it would make sense to me for all of us to be on the winning team, but sad to say, that’s just not the case. So many of us are wearing different jerseys, but let there be no mistake. America has a captain. He was voted in by the people. At the moment that captain is Donald Trump. #CAPTAINAMERICA – And if you’re not on his team, then you might as well be playing for another team because, like it or not, he represents our nation in this hour. Again, the best of this administration is bringing out the worst in anyone who’s not getting their way. Our nation is so divided, and it’s not because of Trump. No single man can be put to blame for what we’re seeing all across our great nation. In fact, if you ask me, I think he’s the greatest victim of where our society was headed before he was elected to office. Even if Trump was not the standing president, BLM, George Floyd, school shootings, the riots, the Covid-19 virus would all still be having a hay day within our borders. You want to know why? BECAUSE AMERICA WAS ALREADY DIVIDED! This administration just accentuated what was already present because Donal Trump is not a “yes man”, and he’s not looking for everyone’s approval. He’s willing to lead based on his values regardless of whether or not that gains him an enemy or 2 along the way. Whether you respect his values or not, that’s a respectable character trait for any human being.

I’ll end with this. Don’t be fooled, and don’t be a fool. Make positive contributions, find a way to respect and support our leader(s), and respect others around you. Stop the fighting. Stop the whining. Stop yelling at your screens from the sidelines. Don’t be a Sideline Saint who does nothing more than release some hot air and stir up frustration and disappointment. Pursue the change(s) you desire in the right ways. Through due processes, and constructive conversations. Join the winning team – Not Trump. Not a political party. – AMERICA. Otherwise, and I’m not afraid to say it; if you don’t like what you see, maybe YOU should run for president.