New Political Distinction Rising – Introducing the RAVENS

I believe we are witnessing a moment in history where there is a new political distinction rising. I propose that we are being blinded, downtrodden, and are being deceived by a false representation of democracy and its values. Especially as it relates to the Democratic Party. We are being led astray and can’t even make a distinction between what’s straight and what’s crooked. Our moral “normals” have been so vastly stretched and misconstrued that our notion of what’s “level” and “good” has been transformed and justified by radicals who live outside the lines of genuine, democratic beliefs and values. What we have seen thus far is only the visible tip of the iceberg… Looming beneath the surface is a whole world of evil, lawlessness, and deception. Mark my words: The leaders in this group have hearts that are even colder than the ice itself.

Of course we recognize that there are minor political parties in the U.S., which would include the Libertarian Party, the Green Party, the Constitution Party, and others that have less influence than the major parties. However, since the American Civil War (1861–1865), the major parties have been the Republican Party and the Democratic Party. Now there’s something new on the horizon—in fact, it’s already here—and I’m going to express my theory based on these 2 primary, political parties.

Last week, I encountered firsthand yet another complete confirmation of this idea and concern. The timing was incredibly unique since I was in fact preparing this article. There was an old item that I had lying around and needed to sell. A gentleman and his wife agreed to pick it up, and when they arrived, I could instantly tell they were genuine people. It turns out they were retired. He had a background in a well-respected industry and previously owned a company. They were definitely a frugal couple with many years of life’s experience under their belts. We’ll call the husband “Jim.”

At some point in our greeting and conversation something came up about the political climate, and “Jim” began to share this with me. He said, “I’ve got to tell you, Patrick, I’ve identified as a Democrat my entire life. My father was a Democrat. My grandfather was a devout Democrat, and I never would have imagined saying this in a million years, but I don’t think I can stand behind the Democratic leaders that I’m seeing right now. Some of the things they’re doing, and some of the things they’re saying, are even beyond me.”

Just a few days after this, I spoke with another friend who shared that he intends to vote Libertarian, and that he too doesn’t feel that the current Democratic leadership represents purely Democratic values. What “Jim” and my other friend shared with me is something that I’ve heard multiple times over now. It actually seems as if there’s been a slight exodus as it pertains to the Democratic party. I’d like to say this is because President Trump has impressed and won these people over, but in many instances, that’s not the case at all. They’re still not in support of President Trump, but they’re also quickly losing confidence in the ideals of the so-called “Democratic” leaders and nominees. They feel compromised amongst their own tribe, as the chiefs have become overly extreme in their liberality. What we’re seeing is a new settling that’s revealing a separation—like oil and water—within the Democratic Party and their ideals.

Lower the age of sexual consent. Legalize multi-gender restrooms. Remove God from our school systems. Open the borders. Lengthen the term of legal abortion. Mandate vaccinations. Lock down the economy. Defund the police. Reject law and order. Summer of love. Shall I continue? Can you see these patterns?

Someone needs to say it: This is no longer just about a republic versus a democracy. There’s a 3rd idealogical party rising that is plucking the eyes out of our spiritual and moral senses. They identify within the Democratic wing only because they could never cloak themselves within a conservative republic, but they are not at all true Democrats! They’ve extended their morals, their interests, their agendas, and their beliefs beyond the lines of either of America’s 2 prominent parties. They are unclean and immoral, and they are feasting on the flesh of this country. They’ve plucked out the eyes of our nation, and many Americans are now living, rallying, and voting without sight of or without caring about the preposterous, outrageous ideals of these radicals who have no interest in American success, democratic values, or the morals of our nation. This 3rd party is willing to trade the demise of our leading society in exchange for selling off our rights and freedoms.

I’m calling for an awakening in our political realms to acknowledge and remove those whom I will now refer to as the RAVENS. Up until now, the only language we’ve had to identify these individuals is “radical left.” There has been no other definition. We’ve failed to acknowledge that they’re no longer strictly democratic. They’ve traversed beyond our primary political boundaries, and they’re taking our nation by storm. These RAVENS are a group that is continuously growing, and if we continue to yield, they’ll continue to grow. Their RAVEN ideology is tearing down the foundations of America, and it’s bent on transforming this nation into something like you’ve never seen. Their intent is to hand our nation over, like a slave, to other economies and ideals that have no interest in putting the American people first. RAVENS reject every moral compass that threatens against their lusts, their lawlessness, or their agendas.

In nature, ravens feast on carrion (dead and putrefying flesh, rottenness, and anything vile), and they flock together as an Unkindness and as a Conspiracy. Look up the word! A flock of ravens is literally referred to as an “Unkindness” and a “Conspiracy.” These birds are known for first plucking the eyes from their prey so that they become blinded to their defenses or any way of escape. I propose that we begin to refer to these people in this rising ideology this way, and shed light on this wing of thought with a new name for it. RAVENS!

I’m raising this voice, and I hope you will join me. These political RAVENS would never identify themselves this way. I truly don’t believe that they would even see themselves as separate, but there has never been a more dire need for us as the American people to rediscover the definitions and values of our foundations and shed light on those who are not just separate, but are ravenously against morality, against truth and justice, and ultimately against America. Again, the only language or identifier we’ve been able to give thus far is “radical left” (implying a far-left Democrat), but they are not pure Democrats. It’s time to give these people a name and identify them for what they are—RAVENS!

The RAVENS are calling for a new America, and their cackles are beyond disturbing! Their presence and values are a sign of death and are marked with an evil omen, a detriment for our great country. I’m calling Americans to seek after the plumb lines and morals that will protect our rights to life, liberty, and justice. Discover for yourselves the true definitions of equality, justice, and democracy. If you intend to vote for any democratic leaders, just be sure that they uphold only democratic beliefs, values, and agendas. I believe these RAVENS are out for so much more than what pure Democrats would even accept. Again, they’re extremely deceptive and have cloaked their intentions within the basic values of the democratic wing, but they’re not Democrats. They’re a disease.

I’ve come to the point in my life, politically and practically, where I no longer blame the simple Democrats for much of what I see. The college professor who’s voted Democrat for the last 30 years because his values are aligned with the more liberal party, I raise no issue against his understandable position. The union worker who’s against big business and casts her vote on the democratic side of the fence because they’ll support her wages, that’s a perfectly normal democratic value. However, we have to look further into the intent of the so-called “Democratic” leaders. There’s more to the story, and more to the intentions of their big donors than what they’d like us to believe. There’s more than what we can visibly see. Again, looming beneath the surface are these deeper concerns. Covid’s long-lasting measures and procedures, the conversation and concerns revolving around pedophilia and the age of sexual consent, defunding the police, LGBTQ, BLM, abortion, our right to bear arms, religious secularism, our national-level interests and relationships, global warming, and our position in the global economy. All of these areas are falling prey to these radical, RAVENous ideals. We must shed light on these RAVENS, and explore and expose the reality that they are not for the American people!

“He who says to the wicked, “You are righteous,” Him the people will curse; Nations will abhor him. But those who rebuke the wicked will have delight, And a good blessing will come upon them.”

Proverbs 24:24-25 NKJV

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